English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong

Venture clients consistently applaud the quality and results of Venture programmes.

Venture students regularly achieve Merit and Honours in the Hong Kong Speech and Drama Festivals, and Trinity graded examinations. They attain high grades in GCSE, IGCSE, IELTS and SAT examinations.

Venture students are regularly accepted into renowned schools such as Winchester, Eton, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies’ College in England and Choate and St Paul’s in the USA. They are admitted to study at such prestigious colleges as the Medical Faulty at Hong Kong University, and those of Oxford, Cambridge and US Ivy League universities.

Venture students continually achieve places in top Hong Kong kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Venture materials are used throughout Hong Kong and India.

Please pass on to your teacher and managing director, that Derek found 26 November’s tutor session very helpful. He said the teacher had good ideas to help him write his English essay. He left encouraged and inspired. Thank you!


Glad to see our son being so natural in front of the camera, that’s his first time and totally unprepared and unrehearsed. Proud of him attaining this level with his age though lots of room for improvement.

The mother of a child who attended a Venture overseas summer camp

I would like to thank Venture for all the support and education to our family.

Ex-student and father of current students

Feel very grateful for Venture’s teaching of our son. He has gained much confidence in English through your lessons. Much appreciated.


I really don’t know how to express how helpful Venture has been to us!


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for Venture’s support to our teenage boy, and certainly to me as well, for the last two years, and the next time I write, I hope I can bring you good news of his academic achievements.


Thank you again, Venture, for your thoughtfulness and kindness to my girls & family!


We are in deep gratitude that our daughter met Venture in her life’s journey. This is a great fortune.


My husband and I are so glad that Venture has found such a wonderful guardian for our daughter to begin a new milestone in her life. It is a privilege and honour for our daughter to have you as her guardian.


Your teacher are wise and warm heated. I know they can lead (our son) to a wider vision.


Our son seems to have got something after he learnt you also came across the difficulties in those days, your wordings are so gentle but powerful.


Your messages always make me feel comfortable – even just few words. You play an important role in our child’s learning path. I don’t know how to express my thankfulness.


I have found my son is more confident and natural in English conversations with native speakers.

Parent of summer school participant in England

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching my child in the past one year. Her English has improved a lot and she really enjoys the lessons with you.


Please thank your teachers for spending time teaching me over the years, from whom I have learnt a lot. They have been (with my mom), the main force pushing me to finally get into Eton.


Thanks for Venture’s enlightened coaching, my child really performed to his best and obtained, I think above average mark among the group.


Our son just finished the camp. He mixed with a group of teenagers and a few kids similar to his age in lessons, sports and evening activities. I am very proud of him being able to stand on his own and get along well with a group of youngsters who were mostly teenagers and that he was the only Asian by nationality.

Parent of summer school participant in England

Thanks for your support.


Thanks for your support, and I look forward to building a long term relationship with Venture over the coming years.

Founder of summer school in England

Our Company likes the Telephone Manners training on last Friday very much and would like to arrange another class.

Corporate client
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