English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong



Intensive Bridging Programme
Transition – Primary to Secondary

Prepare for life in secondary school! This programme includes reading, writing, oral, listening, maths and vocabulary development specifically designed to meet the language requirements at secondary level.

Oral & Listening Skills

With the use of audio and visual aids, students’ speaking and listening abilities improve as they participate in our specially designed action-packed programmes.

Time Management & Tenses

Arrive on time! Brilliant for students who need to be aware of times and schedules so that they become responsible and punctual in their day-to day-lives. Through activities involving travel timetables, working backwards activities and complex schedules, students communicate in the correct tenses as they make plans, describe routines and become sufficiently organised to manage their lives efficiently.

Improve Your Grammar

Enjoy learning grammar by reading short texts that show how each structure is used. Oral and written exercises, pair work and concise reference sheets make sense of English grammar.

Creative Writing

Improve your writing even more! Through interviews and characterisation, writing poems, limericks, haiku (Japanese style poems), and essays, see how your own style matures!

Literature & Discussion

Discover the joy of reading the words of famous English language authors such as William Shakespeare, Katherine Mansfield, E.M. Forster, and J.D. Salinger. Discuss their writing, give your opinion and use their techniques in your own essays.

Poetry Appreciation

Join us on an exciting journey through poetry. From understanding rhyme and rhythm to the use of specialist techniques such as metaphors, similés, personification, and humour as well as noun and verb driven poems. This programme invites students to write their own poems, act out others, and recite poetry with sensitivity towards the mood and emotions of a poem.

Liberal Studies
Upper Secondary

Succeed with lateral thinking, critical analysis and balanced debate as you handle the challenge of the core HKDSE subject; Liberal Studies! Extensive discussion and research helps students create powerful essays.

Public Exams
Upper Secondary
  • IB
  • DGSE
  • GCSE

Learn specific exam techniques, enrich your “out of the box” thinking, express your opinions and develop a strong argumentative and persuasive writing style.

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