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Adventure in a Magical World – Bridging Programme
Transition – Kindergarten to Primary

Handle the challenges of moving to primary school, Adventure in a Magical World stimulates learning through popular children’s fictional characters. Learners are exposed to language structures through reading,writing and early critical thinking that prepare them for life in primary school.

Early Writing & Story Telling
Lower Primary

Children share their thoughts and ideas with others. They are shown how to create and write simple stories to share with the class.

Fun with Phonics & Early Reading
Lower Primary

Learn how to pronounce and spell words in English! Children also learn new vocabulary by reading amusing short stories that improve their reading skills and fluency.

Love Reading
Lower Primary

Develop your child’s reading skills and arouse their interest in reading with our imaginative exercises that complement the Oxford Reading. This is a series of 46 storybooks in seven levels that provides extensive reading materials which feature colourful and humorous real-life situations.

Encourage your children to read aloud, pronounce words correctly, implement their phonetic knowledge and develop their vocabulary with this sparkling, excellent series of books.

Love Writing
Lower Primary

Develop creativity and imagination and learn all sorts of writing techniques. Using pictures, themes and a variety of other devices, students learn how to build good sentences, create entertaining paragraphs and produce complete well-written compositions.

Derived from our extensive library of writing exercises, this stimulating writing programme gives students a structure to work within, yet the freedom to express themselves and to stretch their imagination.

Weird and Wonderful

Bugs and dinosaurs bring English alive! Students make short presentations, write articles and create their own word searches and quizzes. This process of discovery advances both their spoken and written English.

Learn through Movies

Is your child glued to the TV screen? If so, this might be the perfect programme! Venture has developed innovative methods over 25 years for the effective use of videos as a teaching medium. Students guess the dialogue through a silent playing, predict endings, create beginnings, devise role play scenes and much more. This appealing programme will enrich your child’s understanding of English and show the value of non-verbal language.

Poetry Corner

Read out loud a variety of poems: funny, romantic and serious. Learn how to read with impact, which words require emphasis, how to stress words to create impact, when to pause and when to link lines. You will also learn subtle body movements to contribute to the effect of the poem.

Creative Writing
Upper Primary

Our writing programme is based on writing styles such as autobiographies, biographies, letters to friends, fairytales, descriptive writing and, science fiction. Students learn how to use these styles in their own writing.

Fun Reading
Upper Primary

Youngsters wander through our adventure stories and enhance their problem solving abilities as well as their vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar (tenses, adjectives, adverbs, present and past participles and phrasal verbs).

Jurassic Park
Upper Primary

Become an archaeologist. Your child will discover new dinosaurs through fun experiments and adventurous activities.

Presentation Skills
Upper Primary

Children make spontaneous, as well as well-prepared, presentations. They learn how to present key points effectively. Emphasis on body language, voice projection, facial expressions and posture are included in this fascinating programme.

Oral & Listening Skills

With the use of audio and visual aids, students’ speaking and listening abilities improve as they participate in our specially designed action-packed programmes.

Time Management & Tenses

Arrive on time! Brilliant for students who need to be aware of times and schedules so that they become responsible and punctual in their day-to-day lives. Through activities involving travel timetables, working backwards and complex schedules, students communicate in the correct tenses as they make plans, describe routines and become sufficiently organised to manage their lives efficiently.

Improve Your Grammar

Enjoy learning grammar by reading short texts that show how each structure is used. Oral and written exercises, pair work and concise reference sheets make sense of English grammar.

Intensive Bridging Programme
Transition – Primary to Secondary

Prepare for life in secondary school! This programme includes reading, writing, oral, listening, maths and vocabulary development specifically designed to meet the language requirements at secondary level.

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