English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong

Living our dreams through drama


Didn’t we all want to be princesses or super heroes, win battles and capture the awards as children? Didn’t those dreams take us on a path to where we are now?

Acting is a great way to live out our dreams. Through drama, which is gaining increasing recognition as a valuable learning medium, we explore the vastness of our imagination. We learn to modulate our voice to suit what we are saying, and to co-ordinate our gestures to enhance our words. Posture and poise become significant on stage when, before us, an audience is eagerly waiting to respond to our every move and to the nuances of our facial expressions.

We shine in the glow of applause as we make our entrance from the wings. With confidence we deliver our lines and feel a thrill when our spectators laugh or cry. We learn that our words must be supported by the appropriate tone and volume of voice; that our facial expression reflects our emotions, and that our body language mirrors those emotions. Finally, we discover that our gestures highlight the most significant feature of what we are saying.

Drama opens the doors to public speaking, group discussions, and face-to-face social skills. Speaking aloud before an audience is no longer daunting, rather it focuses our attention on how best to convince those before us to respond to our message whether it be amusing, serious or even controversial.

Dreams guide us towards our future – drama with Venture will help your children achieve their dreams!

Some, but not all, of our students will be taking the Trinity Drama exams later in the year.

We also run classes for individual students wishing to take the higher level graded exams

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