English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong



Don’t Be Shy!
Nursery Level Pre-kindergarten

Feeling comfortable in an unfamiliar environment is essential for a young child to learn. Your child will make new friends and love our “bright-as-the-sun” teachers, who engage the students in fun activities, singing, miming and helping them advance their motor skills.

English Enhancement

Children interact with others while enjoying a range of activities in an English environment.
These whole morning sessions are structured to lead students gently forward in communication and early reading.


Language through drama and theatre games, songs, mime, videos, story telling, arts and crafts. We also incorporate some early letter writing to complement the phonetic sounds so as to link the spoken with the visual to aid learning.

Phonetics – Spelling & Early Reading

Learn how to pronounce and spell words well in English!

Elements included in the Programme

  • Playing with vowels sounds
  • Sound distinctions
  • Simple spelling rules
  • Free thinking and word searches
  • Mini word puzzles
  • Combining consonants to form easy words
English with Gogo

Join the playful characters in exciting games and catchy songs. Children develop a great foundation for their English with basic English sentence structures woven into themed sessions.

Adventure in a Magical World – Bridging Programme
Transition – Kindergarten to Primary

Handle the challenges of moving to primary school, Adventure in a Magical World stimulates learning through popular children’s fictional characters. Learners are exposed to language structures through reading, writing and early critical thinking that prepare them for life in primary school.

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