English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong

Drama & Speech Training


Theatre Kids

Act out your dreams in our fun drama programmes filled with;

  • stimulating drama activities
  • drama games
  • short plays
  • songs
  • music
  • mime
Drama Superstar

Lights, Camera, Action! Write and act in your own play. We help students become Drama Superstars by filming and producing a short movie!

Tweenies on Stage

Participate in innovatively designed drama activities that lead you to;

  • act in short productions
  • create your own plays
  • respond spontaneously
  • develop a strong, controlled voice
  • explore body language and gestures
  • work with props and costumes
Youth in the Limelight

Sparkle in on-stage performances and be engaged in;

  • plot and storyline development
  • script writing
  • auditioning
  • characterisation – mannerisms and gestures
  • use and design of props, costumes and make-up
  • sound and backdrop effects
  • stage management
Speech and Elocution Training
All Ages

Our all encompassing Speech Training includes:

  • Breathing techniques valuable for poetry and prose recitals
  • Poise + position of feet, hands, arms
  • Entry onto and exit from stage
  • Posture, engaging the audience, smiling and bowing
  • Understanding and explaining the story or poem
  • Interpretation and script annotation
  • Pronunciation, pitch, pace, pausing and projection
  • Emotions evoking intonation + facial expression
  • Charactered voices
  • Gestures
  • Varied pace and volume to suit a piece
  • On-stage confidence development

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