English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong

communication skills

    English Programmes 2017-2018

    Venture’s new integrated summer programmes stimulate learning and encourage proactive participation.

    Are you the best-ever ambassador for your company?

    Sounding friendly, efficient, and calm on the phone is essential to convincing clients that your company is just what they are looking for!

    Cambridge Young Learners English

    Cambridge Young Learners English (CYLE) is a series of three fun, motivating English language tests designed for children aged between 5 and 12 years.

    Corporate Training

    Venture provides exclusive training for businesses ranging from luxury, hospitality and retail, to banking and shipping.

    Interview Skills & Debating

    Venture helps you make a positive impression in interviews. State your case coherently and persuasively in debates.