English Language; Drama & Speech; Social Etiquette. Est. 1986, Hong Kong

Signature Qualities

Caring and Courteous

In line with the Venture mission statement to “empower those we teach to communicate caringly, confidently and effectively” all our administrators and teachers focus on individual needs.  These are not purely academic.  We are proud to be able to assist students with learning or behavioural differences or challenging goals and to help them achieve their ambitions.

Community Spirited

Venture inspired young writers to publish their work through a writing competition that Venture ran each year in conjunction with the South Morning Post (SCMP) newspaper.  For many years, our Managing Director was a judge for the SCMP Linguist of the Year.  Currently, we provide teacher training programmes for a Hong Kong charity that supports schools and education in the remote parts of China.

Globally Linked

Venture’s materials are used in India, while our teaching methodologies are being implemented in China and Hong Kong.  To encourage independence and to give students the opportunity to experience the ‘great outdoors’, we work with a school in Canada, and we offer summer camps for parents and children in England and Spain.


Venture pioneered overseas summer camps for Hong Kong students in 1987 and also recognised the need for drama in the Hong Kong classroom. Venture continues to be actively involved in creating and developing brand new programmes for English language theatre and for the “gifted”.

Innovative and Effective

Many of our techniques are unique and lead to significant results.  This is seen in the high number of Venture students who enter top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins, MIT and Cornell among others. In the Hong Kong Speech Festival, our teaching techniques have resulted in a success rate that is unprecedented.


With a track record that spans from 1986 to today, Venture’s commitment to Hong Kong and its people is indisputable.


As soon as contact is made with a Venture staff member, a student will feel welcomed.  An assessment is conducted and a programme, that will meet the student’s needs, is devised.  Progress is carefully monitored and success is within reach!

Great Reputation

Venture’s reputation leads it ever forwards with clients recommending friends, colleagues, schools and businesses to find us.


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