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14 October 2016

Learning Differently at Venture?

Venture’s teaching materials are designed uniquely to suit the different needs of the students. With these innovative materials, special teaching methods are applied to help students to learn.

The image above shows drama being used in a primary school science lesson in India.  The children have created a human internal digestive system.  Two children were the food and as the “food” passed through the body the students called out what was happening to it and through which part of the body it was moving.  At the end of the lesson, every child, each aged about 8 years, could name the complexities of the digestive system, knew the related body parts and could spell them all!

There are many and various techniques for teaching and we use different methodologies for different students. For example, with young children we generally use the “behavioural” method in which words and phrases are repeated over and over in different ways to help the child to remember, just as they do with their mother tongue.  Songs are sung during class as the rhythm helps to reinforce the vocabulary or structure as well as making it fun and interesting to learn.

Colourful shapes and diagrams are used at all levels because these two features help us to retain information. Voice tone, pitch and volume changes also act as a means of stimulating the memory, and these help students to absorb new facts.  Drama, too, is a valuable tool in the classroom as dramatic gestures and interpretations enable students to memorise difficult vocabulary while keeping them very alert.  Word searches, crosswords and matching are among the many activities that also help to stimulate a student’s mind and reinforce the main content of a lesson.

Teaching is so much more than simply taking information from a book. It is living the knowledge and sharing it with others.