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07 October 2016

Interview Lessons for Small Students!

At Venture, we provide various exam preparation programmes for different purposes.  For our small students, we offer special lessons to help them prepare for school interviews.

In a Venture interview lesson, reading, writing, sequencing, story telling, talking about pictures and practising mock interviews are included.  We also teach children how to smile and be friendly, and what polite phrases to use.  This wholistic approach helps students become confident and succeed in their school interviews.

A few days before the interview, our students are scheduled to have lessons with different Venture teachers.  Interacting with different teachers gives students opportunities to meet strangers and practise their skills with people with whom they are unfamiliar.  The special practice helps little ones to perform well during their interviews.

If your child could benefit from this special approach at Venture, please contact Wing.  She will schedule a series of lessons to ensure your child is fully prepared for the coming interviews.