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09 September 2016

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Families and loved ones celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by spending the evening together – eating moon cakes and gazing up at the full moon.  Families sit within a circle of burning candles while their children delight in playing with their brightly lit lanterns.  Do you know the origins of this popular festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which is the one day, in the entire year, when the full moon is at its brightest.  In ancient China, emperors worshipped the moon during the autumn season, as they believed that this practice would bring them a plentiful harvest the following year.

During the Yuan dynasty, the Chinese were ruled for a short while by the Mongolians. The Chinese planned to fight back during the Mid-Autumn Festival. To deliver messages about their secret plans, the Han people hid their notes inside moon cakes and had them passed from village to village. This clever subterfuge clearly worked for the Mongolian invaders were soon vanquished!  Nowadays, we simply enjoy the moon cakes after dinner with our families and look up at that beautiful bright moon.

We wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.