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26 August 2016

What Happens When Speech and Drama Are Merged?

Is that possible for a programme to focus equally on both speech and drama? Yes, it is possible!

Venture is now offering a new programme, which is suitable for those who want to speak with confidence, enhance their pronunciation and articulation and learn some theatre skills at the same time. Most importantly these classes are designed to make performing in front of others fun. With our experienced speech and drama teacher, students are able to practise their spoken English and enjoy exciting drama activities that promote their self-development.

Students may be asked to bring along their favourite storybook, and share the story with other classmates. By reading out the story aloud, students learn correct intonation, as well as voice and pitch changes.  They discover different characters, and learn to interpret actions and mannerisms. They glimpse at story backgrounds and the fundamentals of cause and effect on our behaviour. And, students also learn about costuming, period hair and make-up, the power of props and accessories.

After participating in this programme, students are eligible to enrol in the Graded Speech and Drama Examinations held by Trinity College London.  These exams take students to a high level of dramatic and speech skills and enable them to attain an internationally recognised qualification that, in some cases, are recognised as merits for university entry. This programme is a wonderful stepping-stone to a brilliant future!