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01 July 2016


The summer holidays are coming!  Have you planned anything interesting, fun, and exciting for your children to do during these hot months?

Children feel safe when they have a routine.  Even in the holidays, continuing a study routine helps children to stay focused on some of the subjects that they study in school.  Such a routine also helps to keep the subjects alive in the child’s mind, and ensures that they remain engaged with the topic.  Continuing to participate in some academic subjects during the long vacation often gives children a head start when the new school year begins.

The summer provides a wonderful opportunity for young people, who may have specific skills they would like to enhance, to have some one-on-one time with a specialist.  During these sessions, stumbling blocks that have prevented understanding can be removed and success can be achieved.

At Venture, we offer personalised, individual classes to cater to all needs.  We are also conducting a number of Summer Programmes, for which registration is closing soon.  Although many of our programmes are full, some are not, so do call us to find out what is still available.

We look forward to receiving your call (2507 4985) or email (language@languageventure.com).

Have a GREAT summer!