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17 June 2016

Planning to Study Overseas?

If your child is going to the UK or the USA to study, but is not ready for the entrance exams, Venture is the place to come!  Our experienced teachers can help your child prepare for the reading comprehension paper, and the verbal reasoning and writing papers.

The reading comprehensions are often taken from literary works, so being able to read behind the words is essential.  Understanding emotions and the responses they can cause is also very important.  These are elements that our Hong Kong children find very difficult.  Building vocabulary and making intelligent guesses as to the meanings of unknown words are two other skills that are vital to succeeding in the entrance papers.

With boys who have been accepted at the UK schools of Winchester, Harrow, Eton, Tonbridge and Charter House, and girls at Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies College, Rodean, Benedon and Bedes, Venture is confident of being able to get our students into the top schools.  Venture also successfully prepares students for entry to schools such as Hotckiss, St Paul’s, Choate and others in the USA.

The UK Common Entrance examination is a test that used to assess students who are transferring to secondary level.  Students are required to sit English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning examinations.  For the USA, writing essays in answer to questions to understand the knowledge and personality of a student is what is required for entry to USA institutes.

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