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10 June 2016

Why One-on-One Classes

Occasionally, individual classes are more suitable for a student than group classes.

For an interview for a specific school, or university, one-on-one lessons can be more advantageous for the preparation as the classes can be directed at the particular requirements of the organisation.

Similarly, for students taking exams such as the LNAT (a pre-entry exam for those wanting to study law at a UK university) or Common Entrance (an entrance exam to a top UK school) individual classes are more appropriate.  In these cases, we can focus on personal weaknesses and concentrate on helping strengthen a student’s performance.

If a student has a learning, physical or behavioural issue, we are able to help through individual lessons in the initial stages.  Often, our students join a group class later, when their confidence and ability has grown sufficiently strong.

Of course, for the Speech Festival, our classes are individual.  The poetry and prose pieces are different as are the strengths of our students.

Please contact Sharon on 2507 4989 to arrange an assessment.  We can help you decide what kind of class is best for your child.