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13 May 2016

Teacher Training at Venture

Venture’s teachers are selected through a long and professional process in order to ensure all of our teachers are both qualified and suitable for our English, Speech and Drama programmes.  It is essential that Venture teachers bring something extra to the classroom and it is this quality that we particularly seek when interviewing.

We also provide training for every Venture teacher as this encourages and reminds teachers to implement the Venture philosophy of expecting, and thus making it possible for our students to achieve their full potential – and often beyond.  We keep our teachers up to date with our teaching methods and notify them of changes in our materials.  In this way, we ensure that the quality of our services is maintained.

Teacher training sessions are held on a regular basis and cover a whole range of topic areas.  We demonstrate different ways of eliciting the best from a child at an interview, share ways in which to conduct phonetics lessons, prepare teachers for new drama productions and discuss the benefits of using neuro-linguistic techniques in the classroom.  Experiences are shared within the training sessions, so that other teachers learn from each other and so are able to consistently provide a fun and interesting programme for all our students, whether young children, teenagers or adults.

To ensure that teachers get as much support as possible, the classes they conduct in schools are recorded from time to time each term.  Our principal or senior supervisors watch the videos and give written feedback and suggestions on how the teachers can further enhance their skills.

Learning is an on-going process for all of us!