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15 January 2016

The Magic of Learning through Drama

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays with friends and family. For us it’s been a busy and productive Christmas season that culminated in Venture’s Christmas Carol Drama Workshop.


It was 3 days of fun-filled activities that focused on the fundamentals of drama and resulted in the students developing their own short play script. “The Quest for the Ancient Stolen Magic Hoop” was a ninja action-packed adventure with an arch-enemy and his monster minions.

In all my years of teaching in the performing arts, I am still awed by the benefits of drama lessons. Drama classes are designed to hone natural abilities, talents and imagination. A child can explore, take calculated risks and grow within a challenging and safe creative space. I’ve seen this time and time again.

Our Venture’s Christmas Carol Drama Workshop students were exceptional, innovative and playful. They expressively performed memorization exercises and tongue twisters challenges; made decisive decisions about the plot of their play and their cast of characters; and wrote their own dialogue to create their script. They worked hard and had fun. Our room was filled with laughter and smiles each day. That’s one of the many reason I love this type of work!

For me this was a great way to end 2015. I am looking forward to 2016 and leading more Venture Drama Workshops. In fact, the next drama workshops, Venture’s Mid-Winter’s Tales, will on Sundays, 1-4pm on 21 & 28 February and 5 & 13 March.

For more details about Venture’s Mid-Winter’s Tales Drama Workshops or to learn about our drama programmes, please contact me at 2849 2242 or at drama@languageventure.com. I will be happy to chat with you about drama programmes.

Apryl Renee Pipe

Head of Drama