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07 January 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

At the start of every year we make resolutions – to eat better, to exercise more, to experience more. Alas, we don’t always keep them! The trick is to make these resolutions habits, and to do that we must repeat the resolution till they become almost automatic so that when we don’t do them we feel something is missing.

This also goes for writing – an integral part of learning a language. Try to keep the following resolutions for 2016!

Resolution No. 1: Read More and Read Widely
To be able to write and to write well, you must read. And read widely. Don’t just read what you have to read for work or school, but widen your horizons by reading material that you wouldn’t normally look at. Read a classic or something that has absolutely nothing to do with your chosen career or school subjects. You never know when the kind of vocabulary you find in these texts may be useful. If you note an interesting word or phrase, write it down in a notebook!

Resolution No. 2: Write for the Fun of It!
Write something out of your comfort zone – if you are writing a fictional story, try using a different narrative voice.  Why not try a new style – one you haven’t written in before. Writing without a special purpose (not for your job or school), will mean that you can be bold in what you write! Show a friend your writing and get feedback.

Resolution No. 3: Write: Don’t Wait for that Perfect Sentence
Don’t feel that you can only put down a perfectly formed sentence – this will ensure that you never get the writing task done! Just write down any thoughts that come into your mind.  Once you begin writing you will find ideas flow more easily.

Resolution No. 4: Rewrite what you Write
Most first drafts of writing are not brilliant. So, don’t consider your writing finished until you’ve proofread your first draft.  The proofreading may cause you to write several drafts before you are happy with the final result! This will take more time, but you will be rewarded for your effort when you get a pat on the back by your boss, or high marks from your teacher.

Happy Writing Results for 2016!