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24 December 2015

3 Things that Parents Should Do

To develop a better relationship with your child, there are 3 things that parents should do.

1) Be a “Lawyer”, not a “Judge”

Parents should educate and influence the child actively, and understand their thinking. Parents could show respect, protect the child’s rights, and become their “friend”, like the “lawyer and his client”. Understand their needs and protect their rights.

2) Be a “Cheerleader”, not a “Referee”

Most parents want to protect their child, but in this world, parents should not help their child to do everything, and it is not good to be the “referee”. Parents should encourage their child to maintain a competitive attitude, like a “cheerleader”.

3) Be a “Mirror”, not a “Trainer”

Through other people’s responses, children understand themselves, and parents play an important role in being the “mirror” to those responses or reflecting and helping the children to develop their self-esteem and open communication with the parents.