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13 November 2015

A New Language, A New Culture, A New You!

When we learn a new language we also learn a new culture because the culture is seen in the metaphors, idioms, and even the grammar of the new language.

It’s almost as though we need to become a whole new person when we learn another language. Below is one practical way to help you become this new person!

Keep a daily diary in English

Writing down your feelings, thoughts and actions each day will not only make writing English a daily habit, it will also gradually enable you to “think” in English without the need to mentally translate your thoughts from your native language first.

Also, by writing a dairy every day in English, you will start to use the idioms, metaphors and other typical English expressions that you have learnt individually in the context of your daily life; while watching movies, reading books and newspapers, and browsing the internet.

Eventually, by using the language in this way, you will become a “new you” – a person who can use English with all of its rich cultural expressions!