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06 November 2015

Watch, Enjoy and Learn English!

One of the most entertaining and rewarding ways to experience English is to go to the movies. Movies are fun, exciting and stimulating. There are so many ways now to experience movies: not only by going to the cinema, but you can also watch them on TV, on your computer or even on your smartphone.

Going to the cinema is often the most rewarding. There is the thrill of going into the darkened theatre, watching the advertisements, then anticipating the main feature. Losing yourself in a movie in the darkness, without all the distractions of home, helps you follow the story and understand the themes of each film. You can also be up-to-date with the latest releases, so you can have something to talk about with your friends and colleagues. 3D films especially need a good cinema to get the full visual experience.

Using the computer gives you a great deal of flexibility as to what and when you watch. You can pick old or new movies, especially those you never got to see at the cinema. Watching old movies can really help you with your English as often black and white movies from the forties and fifties were very careful with their pronunciation and grammar. Try watching Brief Encounter or the Lavender Hill Mob. Not only are these fascinating films, the dialogue is beautifully written.

This is not to say that many modern films are not very good too. Many of us grew up watching Disney films, and today’s children’s’ films compare well to the timeless classics, such as Snow White or Lady and the Tramp. You will find many films nowadays are written to keep both you and your children entertained. These are the best films to watch as a family, with the adults on hand to explain what is happening to the younger children.

Watching movies is so easy these days we have no excuse not to use this excellent medium to improve our English, whilst at the same time being entertained and informed.