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15 October 2015

Julia’s Teaching Materials – Why They are Best!!

To form a class, we need a teacher, students and materials, but where do the materials come from?

To elicit maximum success, educational materials must evoke interest in the learner, and should be varied in content and format in order to constantly stimulate a students’ mind.  Colour, images and layout add zest to learning materials.

Unlike other learning centres, at Venture we have created 10 levels of graded materials.  These levels consist of about 70 lessons each, and consistently raise our students’ confidence, knowledge and ability.  From early letter forming, through phonetics, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion, verbal reasoning, and at the top level, pure literature, our students acquire language skills that pave the way for their future.

Our writing programmes have also been designed to take students’ ability higher and higher.  From very early story writing to descriptive, discursive and argumentative essays, and onto literature analysis works, our students’ writing skills are developed and enriched.

To motivate fast learning, our papers are very varied in content. They have been carefully crafted to ensure our students, at all levels, are constantly engaged in the work they are doing.

Venture materials help students learn English, and acquire skills and knowledge that they have not been taught in school yet.  And . . . all this in a fun, safe and ‘English home’ environment!

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