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22 August 2015

Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing

One of the best ways for new English speakers to enhance their knowledge and pronunciation of English is to sing.

English songs have existed for as long as English has existed, but you don’t need to be an historian to sing them. Modern popular songs in English use many phrases and idioms from current speech, and they often form the basis of the chorus. “Better the Devil you know,” “I should be so lucky”, “Reach for the stars” are all English idioms that have featured in recent pop hits. Often a modern songwriter will start writing a song with just such an idiom in mind.

The Beatles are one of the most popular bands in history and their use of English is clever, beautiful and simple. Almost all their songs are worth listening to and singing along to, as they are packed full of common English expressions and turns of phrase. They are definitely a must for your next Karaoke night!

Singing along and learning songs is a great way to memorize vocabulary and sentence structures. English is very versatile in its grammar and has a tremendous range of rhyming sounds, which means it is ideal for songwriting. Listening to your ipod or iphone as you travel or work-out will give you a lesson in all the different ways English can be used.

Another, and very different way, to experience the joy of singing in English is to go to a church service. Lots of hymns and carols are beautifully written and once again you will experience a whole new side to English. In particular, Christmas carols are very popular and you will learn how to pronounce their lyrics through listening to how others sing them.

Singing is one of the best ways to express yourself and we often don’t have enough time to take part. Now you know that singing will also enhance your English skills, we hope you will make time to put your vocal chords to good use.

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